Mirage 8x16 AV over IP (HDMI Over IP) Matrix up to 384 ft 1080p Complete solution expandable to 16x32

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Get the latest Video over IP technology which lets you expand as you go.

This is a complete solution, not just some boxes:

Superior Speed, no Network slow down

Unlike most others who give you some HDMI extender boxes and a web browser to change inputs, we give you a complete solution, we do not tie up your network at all. All the inputs data are only sent to the right TV and not slowing up on rest of your Network. They switch almost instantly. Our Mirage technology is so advanced that we can do this even with a 100 Mbps switch vs a 1 Gb switch so if you use a 1 Gb switch, you will have 900 Mbps free Network bandwidth all the time no matter how big the matrix is.

8x16 expandable to 16x32

Most other solutions, just give you some transmitters and receivers and then you need to higher a programmer or find yourself to program the Network switch, program the controller, Program the transmitters and receivers with Ip addresses,... and find an app which works with Direct TV, Cable box and Audio equipment and other things that you have. We make it complete by providing all the components that you need and programmed already.

This can be installed really in just a few hours

It includes:

  • 52 port Matrix Switch (programmed for 16x32)
  • 8 transmitters (programmed)
  • 16 receivers (programmed)
  • Elan Controller (programmed) for Network and IR Programming

Great for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Schools, Churches, High end homes, Dental offices, Doctors offices....

Just run a CAT5e/ CAT6 cable to each TV and this is it, we provide a complete solution with apps to control the switch from any IOS or Android device.

You can further customize and program each source or TV on your own with Elan Controller

HDMI Matrix for 16 inputs and 32 outputs 1080p HDMI Over IP up to 384 Ft (True 16x32 IP matrix)

Includes 8 Transmitters and 16 receivers (8 input sources to connect to any 16 TV/Monitor)

Includes a Cisco 52 port gigabit Managed IP switch for extension and distribution (programmed already)

Includes Elan controller to program and switch inputs at any time with an IPAD, Iphone, Android tablets and Phone (Programmed already)

  • Compatible with HDCP.
  • Supports 1080p and 720p video, plus 2-channel audio
  • Support IR Extender function
  • Plug-and-play operation - no programming or setup required
  • Each input can be directed to any output at any time instantly (with no lag)
  • Allows Wideband IR remote control of sources devices.

Large Scale IP Matrix and Scalability

Imagine having a few video walls each having 4 or 9 TV units. This easily adds number of your TV outputs to 20+ . Most matrix solutions can not easily handle large scale inputs and outputs or become too expensive. Using Mirage Matrix Solution, you can easily manage any jobs up to 48-96 screens at affordable prices.

We provide most critical equipment, components and programming so you do not need to spend any extra time. Plus it is so easy to build and user friendly to use, all with your IPAD or Android device. You can easily change any input, change volume, change TV channel, change video wall mode On or OFF so the picture zooms and fills all screens or you can have full control of each cell screen with different inputs (see pictures below).

Video wall Module (Optional):

  • Supports Video wall mode (provided that you use using Commercial capable TVs) or with purchase of a 2x2 or 3x3 video wall controller
    Additional Video wall programming is required and is extra

Direct TV Network Module (optional):

  • Supports Direct TV programming to change channels or access guide or menus for each Direct TV
    You need to provide Direct TV source(s) with network capability and we have done the rest

Time Warner / Cox Cable Module (optional):

  • Supports Cable TV programming to change channels or access guide or menus for each Cable box
    You need to provide the cable boxy and we have done the rest (using IR)

Audio Module (Audio Over IP) with multiple Audio zones (optional):

  • Supports Multiple audio zones and lets you control each zone to hear Direct TV/ CableTV programming or your background music
  • Multiple Audio Zones are supported (reduces the number of TVs available in the matrix)
  • Sonos, Spotify, .... are supported as background music
  • Each Zone can independently be chosen to play music or play the audio of your any sources say Direct TV,......Guest music, DVD,....
    You need to provide your own amplifiers and speakers and an audio source for music

What is included:

8 Transmitters:

Input: 1x HDMI (Female type A) , 1 x IR-TX

output: 1xRJ45

DC/ 5V

16 Receivers:

Input: 1xRJ45

Output: 1x HDMI (Female type A) , 1 IR-RX

DC/ 5V

1 Cisco 52 port Managed switch

1 Elan Controller with App for 8x16 available up 16x32 already set up

Direct TV, Video wall and Audio Modules are extra (optional)

Notes: This unit is programmed for 8x16 but can be easily used and expanded for anything in between 16x32 by purchasing additional Transmitters and receivers